Everyone comes wif baggage, find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack.
Love is wide and its general : love allah , rasul , nabi , ibu bapa , para sahabat , myjob, makhluk sekalian alam
i have all of that and praise to Allah hee right now bersyukur dan hargai lah dgn sebaik-baik nya apa yg Allah berikan 'keperluan' yg sy 'perlu' bukan nya 'kehendak' yg sy 'nak' :') faham kan ?? so sentiasa jadi yg terbaik dan berusaha menjadi yg terbaik untuk semua
I'm juz human, i have a weaknesses , i make mistakes and i have alot experience of sadness BUT  i learn from all these things to make a good person and no matter what always be a good one :)
I always be with 'someone' who knows what i have , when i have 'you' yes you're :) we have our goods & & downs but somehow we end each day like this..thanks much awak muncet saya ! haha ;)
hmm..but its difficult things..sometimes i keep my feelings to myself b'coz its hard for someone understand :')

" when you see a person cry / sad / sorrow its better not to ask WHY ? sometimes it takes only three WORDS to make their HAPPY again :) and those of three words are I AM HERE " :)

*skrg sy banyakkan membaca buku motivate..membaca kn jambatan ilmu suke ke tak ke baca je fr my knowledge..*sorry tak layan novel ~ huhu :p