Happy New Year 2011 !

welcome 2011 bye 2010 ~ alots of moment i`ll remind ~ may Allah blessing ~ ;)
oke miss aida improve ur study better better and succeed !
bagi aku study lebih penting lah..

so hope i can do it more good to my love family expecially to my late mom ^^,
and to shuk hope kite lebih mature and think more to +ve attitude oke dear <3
ignore lah what people want to say bout us ! i dun care..i know what i do and i know very well bout my hero SHUK =) hihihihi~
every person born in this world represents something new , something that never be existed before , something original and unique...

[Happy New Year 2011] ♥ ^__^
hehe itu aje..malas nak karang panjang sbb malas nk bace kan? ari isnin nak exam so aida g study lah ! haiya~ =,=''